Foodie Pen Pals!

So Foodie Pen Pals is an awesome way for bloggers (and non bloggers) from all over to connect over our love of food! It was started by The Lean Green Bean back in 2011. This is her description of what exactly it entails!: Foodie Pen Pals . How cool is that?


My foodie pen pal was Dallas Woodburn. Check out her website here & here! She’s an author and a speaker and an all around awesome person! We got to know each other through email a bit, and I’m in awe of how she is a published author. I harbored a secret dream as a kid to become an author.. but I found I love to read more than write 🙂

Her package arrived the other day and I could not have been more excited! This is what she sent me:

IMG_04051. Craisins trail mix 2. Bigelow Teas (so excited to try these!) 3. Fiber one Chocolate Oat Bars (my favorites!) 4. Nature Valley Oats ‘n Honey Bars (also great for pre-workouts)

IMG_04115. Hershey’s semi sweet chocolate chips because she knows how much I love to bake! 🙂

IMG_04126. Marie Callender’s Corn Bread mix!! This definitely will be made before I fly back to Chicago…

IMG_04137. UNREAL candy unjunked Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups— ok these are seriously addicting. Thank god they’re individually wrapped…. I might eat the whole bag in one sitting!

And then her hand written note 🙂

IMG_0410I’m the one at the office who has a secret candy drawer/snack stash…. but I think I’ll have to have a separate drawer for all my new goodies!!

THANK YOU DALLAS!!! I loved my package  🙂

Happy eating!

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