Protein Pancakes!

So I’ve been a fan of this awesome blog for a while now She Rocks Fitness

and she is totally awesome! I love the philosophy of strong is beautiful. Also, it’s probably the best thing ever when someone you look up to actually answers your emails about random questions you send them.. so that is another huge plus. But this blog is where I stumbled upon the magic that are Protein Pancakes!


Flap Jacked is a great family company with a great story– I won’t be able to do them justice explaining, check out their site! Their passion fuels them every day and lucky for all of us out here, we can fuel our own days by starting with Flap Jacked pancakes! These guys are awesome, so much protein and fiber and all under 200 calories.

I made my own topping with a combination of strawberries and raspberries that were mashed up. Just popped the mixture in the microwave and stir again… yummy delicious healthy topping!


I made the banana hazelnut pancakes.. and it could not have been easier. A few tablespoons of water and a warm stove top. Voila!

( I added some extra protein in the form of peanut butter simply because… I love peanut butter!)

Enjoy with a huge shoutout to She Rocks Fitness and Flap Jacked!




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