Hello world!

Hello all!

Well, hello mom and Kevin. I’m assuming you’ll be the only two really reading this. But if there are any others out there, hi!

I’ve decided to start this blog to keep track of all the recipes I’ve cumulated over my years of baking. Now, important note: I have started a blog before and…I  kinda deleted it. BUT it wasn’t a baking blog, so I have faith in myself, even with my mild A.D.D. (I know mom, I don’t really have A.D.D., just bear with me here).

So I’ve always loved to bake. I can still remember growing up and my mom letting me help make the Christmas cookies with her, a task that now is solely my responsiblity. In the past I’ve gotten a lot of recipes from StumbleUpon or Pinterest. But the really bad part about that is that I make a delicious dessert and then forget where I found it. Hence this blog! I’ll be posting every single recipe I make from now on so I can look back and know where I got it from.

I’ve also decided to be a bit more adventerous and make my own recipes. I know, for all you real blogging bakers, that seems simple. But give me a break, I’m 22 and just graduated from college this spring where I played lacrosse. Aka, I didn’t have that much time to experiment. Although, my banana bread is da BOMB if I do say so myself.

So welcome to my blog, where as hard as I try to resist, I always surrender to the sweet deliciousness of a warm, just out of the oven cookie.


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